Thursday, January 24, 2008

Wake Up, America! We Live in a PC (Post Clinton) World!

No matter how much we want to deny it, 9/11 changed everything. If we think that the stale political ideals of the 2Oth Century still apply today, then we may as well change our name to the Republic of Rip van Winkle. Hillary Clinton is a tired rehash of the nineties, which she is still living in.

Her ideas for the 21st century? She wants to take us Back to the Future.

Hillary and Bill are a Boomer fairy tale just wanting to relive the Nostalgic Nineties. The good ol’ boy and his missus want us to believe that when he was president, we lived in the Good Ol’ Days. What a bunch of bunkum and baloney!

Think about it, folks. Do we really want to go back to turning the Whitehouse into a lair of liars who polarized the country?

Do we want to abandon our mighty military to the decisions of liberal lawyers who hog tied our forces at Mogadishu and see Black Hawks tumbling down?

Do we once again want a leader who has an international terrorist in his sights, but chooses to let him go, only to see the bloody fanatic orchestrate the destruction of the World Trade Center?

Are we once more going to see the Whitehouse filled with lobbyists and donors, corrupt cronies and elite sycophants who feel as though they’re entitled to rule over the people?

And do we really want to see Bill not having sex with interns and desecrating the Whitehouse as his own playboy mansion? If we do, then we want a reality show instead of real leadership.

Wake up, people! We live in a PC (Post Clinton) world! Do we want chains or change? The Clintons will chain us to their nostalgic, dynastic, 20th century past. It’s about time that we the people and voters cast them aside and moved on into the future. We live in the 21st century after all!

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