Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hillary: Denying Her Denial

We should have seen this coming a long time ago.

Hillary Clinton could be suffering from acute denial.

It probably started when Bill was not having sex with other women when he was Arkansas’ governor.

It may have been augmented when Bill was not having sex with Monica in the Whitehouse, whilst Hillary was residing in another wing.

Perhaps it was enhanced when she thought that she would win the Democrat nomination easily.

It possibly became more acute recently when she fantasized about being under sniper fire at Tuzla airbase, even although videotape of the event completely contradicts her fabrication.

And now it is likely that her denial has reached hysterical proportions with her constantly insisting that the elected delegates do not have to abide by popular election results, even although they are bound to do so in the first round of votes at the Convention.

Hillary seems to be sadly suffering from an acute form of denial, which may have morphed into a grandiose obsession of winning the Whitehouse at all costs.

Hillary, please get help. Surrender to the inevitable and step down before you do irreparable damage to yourself, your party, and the nation.

A President living in denial is not what America needs right now.

We’ve already endured eight years of that scenario. We don’t need to go through another four years of the same.


Jay said...

See, when I say these truthful things about Hillary I get called a sexist. LOL

I think that people are really starting to tire of Hillary's act. Her favorable numbers are falling like a rock. Even in states where she should be really popular, like California, her favorable rating is lower than her unfavorable.

Chris said...

I think that Scott Adams must be a prophet. This week's daily Dilbert desktop calender has been focusing on a pathological liar at work. Dick Morris - a Clinton Whitehouse insider - is doing his part to expose her for the fraud that she is.