Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Political Cartoons: Double Standards

The media complain about the price of Palin's wardrobe, ...

Double Standards

...but are silent about Obama buying the election...hypocrites!


Rev'd Chris Larimer said...

And about how little he is being charged for his airtime ads.

john sinacore said...

The candidates are so wrong but anything picks on them i like. This video picks on them two

Sarahlynn said...

Actually, I don't think the media were silent on that at all. I heard lots of highly critical comments from the mainstream media.

But do you really think they're equivalent? One was designer-label clothes. The other was presentation of political message, albeit in a saccharine sort of way. And since the biggest McCain/Palin attack on Obama was basically, "Who is this guy, really?" I thought it made sense for him to address that. I can't say how well he did, however, because I didn't watch the infomercial.

Rev. Larimer, I haven't heard about that. Can you point me to a source? I'm curious now. Thanks.