Saturday, April 5, 2008

Hoots Mon! Celebrate World Tartan Day

Sunday April 6th is World Tartan Day, so wherever you are inTennessee, wear your plaids and tartans! Practically everyone in Appalachia has a Scots-Irish connection, so celebrate the day by wearing your most colorful plaids.

In Knoxville, Erin Presbyterian Church will be hosting a Kirking of the Tartans worship service. A piper, a drummer, and some kilted representatives of the Scottish Society of Knoxville will be present. They will be proudly bearing their Scottish clan banners and presenting them for a blessing by the minister.

Scottish pastor John Stuart, who is a regular Monday guest on The Voice (WQBB 1040AM 10-12noon weekdays), will be conducting the service. One of John’s ancestors, Captain John Stuart, was the first Superintendent of the Cherokee nation, and was stationed at Fort Loudon centuries ago.

During the service, Pastor Stuart will explain the story about the blessing of the Tartans, which informally began in the 17th century when the Scots were prohibited from wearing their plaids. Three centuries later, Scots preacher Peter Marshall, who was Chaplain to the Senate on Capitol Hill, revived the ceremony which is celebrated throughout the United States.

The worship service and parade begin at 11.00AM. Everyone is welcome to come along and enjoy the spectacle!

Erin Church is located on Lockett Road, which is just off Kingston Pike on Bearden Hill.

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