Monday, April 28, 2008

Rush Limbaugh: More Un-American than Obama?

He sits behind his golden microphone each week day and broadcasts to millions of loyal conservatives across the nation. He cajoles the tedious Democrat Campaign over the airwaves and urges his myriads of listeners to dedicate their primary votes to his own cause: Operation Chaos.

Rush believes that Republicans can screw up the Democrat nomination’s process and thus render a death blow to the Democrat hopefuls in November. He has faith in his own audience and his conception; the only thing wrong with that is this: it’s un-American.

Instead of letting the American people vote for their own candidates in these final races, Rush wants to spoil the whole process. Depending upon who is the underdog in each State, Rush urges his listeners to vote for either Hillary or Obama. He wants the race to be very close, so that the Super Delegates will have to make a semi-unpopular choice of nominee for the party. Limbaugh gleefully gloats that his operation is ruining the Democrat party and deludes his audience into thinking that they are creating havoc for their opponents. It’s just one big joke on the election process; but it’s also unpatriotic.

It’s un-American because it goes against the forces of freedom in a Republic. He’s trying to squander the votes and voices of conservatives by making them do something that goes against their will: voting for Hillary Clinton. For almost a decade, the United States became the laughing stock of the world because of the shenanigans in the Whitehouse during the Clinton administrations. Are conservatives willing to set aside their furor over those wilderness years and let Clinton win States like Texas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania? Is Indiana going to become rich pickings for the Clinton campaign just because of the Limbaugh Luddites?

This is a foolish philosophy and one that has the potential of backfiring on those Republicans who voted for Clinton in the primaries. In the long run, Obama was an easier target in November because of his waffling and woeful inexperience. What Limbaugh has done is re-galvanize a failing Clinton campaign, making her the comeback Queen, which has the potential of running her all the way to the Whitehouse. When she was ready to be picked off a couple of months ago, Limbaugh resuscitated her campaign. Instead of ensuring that there was one less candidate, he has allowed this to drag on, breathing life into the more formidable candidate, instead of letting superficial Obama climb to the top.

Come November, the Democrats will remember what the Limbaughtarians tried to do and will come together in a show of strength that will ruin McCain’s chances. And then what will the loyal Limbaugh listeners do? They will regret following the foolish advice of this broadcast blowhard and their idealistic icon will fall from the golden pedestal that he has created for himself.

Conservatives voting for Clinton was the death-knell to our influence in the GOP. And Limbaugh is to blame. Remember this caveat: be careful who you vote for in the primaries; she may become President in November.


Chris C said...

You should be calling out the DNC who made you have to choose between a black man and a woman for the nominee, not a man who gets paid to get attention and reaction.

The vote has been 50/50 the whole race. You think a radio personality is to blame?

Anonymous said...

Is there something wrong with having to choose between a black man or a woman? Do you think they are not as good as you because of skin color or gender? Chris C, go jump off a cliff.