Thursday, June 5, 2008

Forget the Olympics: Cricket is the Sport to bring about World Peace!

Who would have guessed that New Jersey had an international cricket team?

And who would have predicted that they would be playing against Afghanistan in this year's competition of the International Cricket Council's division four championships set for Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in October?

The teams won promotion into division four after excelling in the recent division five league held in New Jersey last month. Both teams will join the tournament against Tanzania, Fiji, Hong Kong and Italy to be held in Dar es Salaam.

Tanzania Cricket Association (TCA) chairman Zully Rhemtula said yesterday that the inclusion of the two teams will make the league more competitive.

More competitive? How many billions of taxpayers’ dollars could we have saved if, instead of invading Afghanistan, we had sent the New Jersey team across the globe to beat the living daylights out of them and destroyed their Talibanic morale?

War – it’s just not cricket!

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Anonymous said...

Err, that would be Jersey, an independent island between England and France. Not New Jersey, USA.