Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Political Cartoons: McCain's Revolution

Ground Control to John McCain - get real!

McCain's Revolution

What a numpty!


Chris said...

So taxing the gas companies for their record profits (averaging $0.08/gal) as opposed to suspending government profiteering (averaging $0.42/gal) is a better idea?

Stushie said...

You're missing the point, Chris. McCain's tax holiday is no relief at all - he's out of touch. If people cannot afford gas, do you think they are going to spend the $20 on a nice dinner?

Chris said...

I hate to disagree with my betters, but I think America is missing the point in the rhetoric. For all the class-war sabre-rattling against BIG OIL and their RECORD PROFITS, their profits are still less than one fifth of what the government profits from oil companies' work. It is profiteering because they tax the oil companies, tax us for buying the oil, and then make sure we're taxed again. It's like staying at the inn in Les Miserables. If anyone is out of touch, it's people like Obama and this useless Congress who are glad that energy is heading towards a crisis (that could have been averted easily) - just the other day he said it's a shame it happened "so fast," but he's not sorry it happened.

The point is that fuel would be less costly if the government (mainly Democrats) hadn't spent the last 30 years shutting down energy speculation / innovation in this country and outsourcing America's energy needs. We should have taken responsibility for our own energy gluttony and tapped our own resources. It would have forced us to make the cleanest forms around (because clean energy only comes from big economies - just ask the people whose lungs are filled with the dung fumes they use for cooking fuel). If there would have been suffering, it would have been ocean-front views of Americans (though frankly, I can't see 60 miles off shore) - it wouldn't have been African villagers that no one (especially their own government) cares about.

Stushie said...

Chris, the cartoon is about McCain's patronising of the "little people"...it's a satirical equivalent of Maria Antoinette.

As for the oil companies, we should nationalize them - in Britain they have a fuel crisis, but at least the government has doubled its revenue from the price of oil going up and is now considering a substantial rebate for its beleaguered citizens...whereas we are giving billions to feed these monopolies. Calvin would never have agreed to this kind of greed and speculation.