Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Caption Contest: Vote for Tennesee!

Hi Folks, the last time I sent out this request for your help, it all came in too late.
I'm in the top ten again for a caption contest based on Prince Caspian. Most of the other jokers are all Northerners and they have a hard time accepting that a contender from Knoxville actually has a sense of humor.

Could you all visit the following webpage and vote for me? I'm the one called Stushie on the voting board.

So here's your chance to show them that Tennesseans have what it takes to beat the competition.

Go to the following webpage and vote for me, Stushie



Joel B. said...

Hey. Mine is from Tennessee, too!!

Stushie said...

Oaky then..I'll take east tennessee, you can have the west & we'll divide the middle...