Saturday, May 31, 2008

Frankly My Dear, I Don't Give a Dem

Todays' the day that the Democrat party will cast aside the will of 48 States and uphold the votes of rule-breakers Michigan and Florida. It's all being done to appease the wrath of the whining Clintons, who can't win any way other than through cheating and pouting, raging and protesting. If, at the end of the day, the Former First Family get their way, then just call it what it is: the Clinton party, because Democrat or Democratic just won't fit anymore.

This public Hillary hissy-fit has employed racist tactics, bullying balloteers, and the usual dirty politics. Shame on the Dems, if they deny Obama the lead and the right to lead his party. He has come from obscurity, taken on, and beaten the Borgias without resorting to their poisonous play. He has constantly taken the high road, whereas the Clintonistas have embroiled the whole country in their usual gutter politics.

So today, Dear Dems, you have a choice: live up to the word 'democracy' and let the majority vote of the rule-keeping other 48 States stand, or let the Clinton lunatics take over the whole asylum.


Diesel said...

One of your Google ads promises to tell "the truth behind the canditate - "Barack Obama Exposed" - Free!"

Stushie said...

That's the trouble with Google, Diesel. Its computer automatically chooses an ad associated with the name, but doesn't fit in with the context.

You work for Google...why don't you tell them???