Friday, May 2, 2008

Indiana Idiots and North Carolinian Numpties???

How much is your vote worth?

When I think about how many people in the past protested, suffered, and even died for their votes, you would think that for each voter it would be priceless.

However, John McCain and Hillary Clinton think our votes are worth $30 a piece. Thirty pieces of greenback, but it may as well be silver.

A summer time ban on federal taxes will save us all about $3 dollars per week and solve nothing. But if it makes people think that these two presidential candidates “feel their pain,” then there’s a lot more wrong in America than just the economy.

For Pete’s sake, Indiana and North Carolina, WAKE UP. You’re selling your birthrights for thirty dollars!

At least Obama understands the magnitude of the problem...

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Diesel said...

Crap like this pisses me off too.