Saturday, September 27, 2008

Does McCain have Alzheimers???

It's the question that no one is asking, but perhaps we should.

I've watched John McCain do several on the spot interviews and during last night's debate, I wondered if he is suffering from an early onset of Alzheimer's. I'm a Republican voter, so this is beginning to concern me.

If you watched the debate last night, then you'll know that he told the Miss Congeniality joke about himself twice. Last month during an interview, he mentioned the same details twice within five minutes. During a speech on the stump, he referred to Putin as being the president of Germany. That might not mean anything to average voter, but it rang some alarm bells for me. McCain also stressed the same points over and over gain last night, like a broken record - was he emphasizing what he would do, or was he unknowingly repeating himself?

So the question that we're all avoiding and need to watch during the remaining debates is this: is Alzheimer's affecting McCain and if so, can we afford to to have a President in office who suffers from it? Forget about heart attacks or cancer: Alzheimer's could cause a lot of erratic decisions that will seriously affect all of us.

Maybe it's nothing at all, but perhaps an independent doctor needs to assess McCain before we vote him into the Whitehouse.


Anonymous said...

You know good and well you are not a voting republican beause you had to reach sooo far to the right ( from your left sitting position ) to even drag this up. Have you seen his mother? She is about a hunnerd and sharp as a tack.

More likely that Obama has the problems. He seems to remember saying things "many times" that he hasnt uttered once.

Stushie said...

Sorry, anonymous, you're way off track. Check the voter's register and you'll see that I voted for Bush twice and have supported and voted for local republicans in every election.

This is a serious concern and one that we need not avoid or go into denial about.

David said...

He does seem to have the repeat the comment problem. Much like he did on the 'I didn't have a kitchen table in the vietnam prison' interview.

Ok, I respect the service to the country and the sacrifice of being a pow. But that does not make him qualified to be president.

I guess I just chalked it up to geezer-ness but it does worry me now that you mention it.

Alzheimer's is an awful disease but we shouldn't need to endure it in the oval office....especially with a small town mayor with a vendictive manipulative management style. Scary stuff for sure.

4 or 8 years ago I would have been happy to vote for McCain back when he really was a maverick putting the national interests ahead of partisan politics or special interests. Now that he has renounced his accurate position that Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson are agents of intolerance and is sucking up to them and their followers just to capture a few votes...well I can't respect that.

Nat said...

I personally think McCain is a dangerous politician for Americans to want to vote in...but my main reason for posting a comment is just to clarify that McCain is too old to be diagnosed with the condition 'Early Onset Dementia' as this a dubious honour only bestowed on person's under the age of 65. He may well have the beginnings of ordinary dementia or Alzheimers however.
I know, I know, I'm being pedantic, but someone needs to educate the masses. ~:oP

MaddiBee said...

McCain appears to have problems with public speaking. If there's even a hint of Alzheimer's he should never be president. In any case, Obama is far more intelligent, thoughtful, fairer, and much better equipped to negotiate the treachery and trouble the GW Bush and his pals have left the American people. We don't need any more Republicans in the White House for decades. It will take many years to clean up their messes ---- AGAIN!

Anonymous said...

I have wondered the same thing about McCain. His speech seems repetitive, he seems to suffer from black and white thinking and he does not seem able to easily grasp abstract concepts. His choice of Sarah Palin scares the day-lights out of me.

Another thing that concerns me is that he is using the politics of division and hate, something he swore he would never do. Reversion to childish behaviour can be a sign of dementia.

Anyway, based on the above, I voted for Obama-Biden. Not perfect, but safer in the long run.