Thursday, September 18, 2008

Local Pastor's Political Cartoons to be showcased on CNN

Local Presbyterian pastor, John Stuart, is to have some of his political cartoons showcased on CNN International this weekend. He's been drawing and blogging them since June 2007.

His 200+ cartoons reflect most of the political campaigning that has gone one for almost eighteen months. As he states on his blog, Pushing the Envelope, this is his way of "offering payback for the American people on all those slick politicians who put us through a never-ending Presidential campaign."

John's cartoons are frequently seen on the Knox News-Sentinel bloggers page, as well as being posted in other blogs around the world. He uses his cartoons to highlight the gaffes and inconsistencies of both the Republican and Democrat campaigns.

In the interview, John states that "satire is one of the best methods that people have to remind our politicians that we choose them as our leaders, and not the other way around."

John signs his cartoons as 'Stushie', which is a Scottish nickname for Stuart, but it is also a Scottish word that means 'causing a ruckus.' Pastor Stuart hopes that his cartoons inject some humor into the current political election.

The cartoons will be broadcast at the following times:


John Stuart is also a regular guest on the daily political talk show, "The Voice," which is broadcast by WQBB 1040AM.


Rev'd Chris Larimer said...

Couldn't have happened to a nicer Jock! Goodonya!

Chris C said...

Congrats on the plug!

You deserve it, you have been coming up with some funny cartoons. I would even go as far as being profane with regards to your work but that would be inappropriate on this blog. Still the fact that I wanted to use those words as adjectives to describe your creativity surely shows how much I like your cartoons.

Keep up the great work and congrats again. :)